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Turkey. A Businessman’s Heaven

Turkey happens to be among the world’s strongest and fastest growing economies in the world. In the global rankings, Turkish economy stands the 16th spot and in Europe, it stands on the 6th spot and progressing, which further goes to strengthen Turkey’s economic strength. Thanks to the rapid growing economy, Turkey is drawing a lot of attention from across the globe as numerous investors are starting to realize the potential of investment success. Well good news for them is that Turkey obviously has the economy on its side and an ever-bustling and vibrant culture. Based on that, following are the top 3 investment avenues that promise great returns in Turkey:

  •  Tourism Industry

As of the latest time period, Turkey is the 8th most popular tourist destination in the world, having hosted almost 38 million tourists in a year’s time. And rightfully so, given the plethora of tourist attractions including historic avenues, picturesque landscapes and a wonderful culture. Turkey boasts the gift of hospitality, placing itself in the highest regards among the tourists from all around the world. With that said, investing in the tourism industry to satisfy the wanderlust of a myriad of eager visitors every year, might be the most rewarding business decision in all regards.

  • Culinary Industry

Turkish culinary industry is also among the most popular in the world. It is highly revered among the culinary enthusiasts and is one of the most aspirational destinations for the people across the globe. From the street food to fine dining, the culinary avenues of Turkey are always buzzing with people. The alluring colors, aromas and taste of the Turkish Cuisine pull in thousands of people from within the country as well as the world. Also, Turkish Agrofood economy stands at number 7th in the entire world and number 1 in Europe. With that said, investing in the culinary industry with the goal to offer the finest quality innovative dishes, can provide a lot of promising prospects to prosperity to the investors.

  • Real-Estate Industry

The strong economy, the picturesque location, the rich culture and the unparalleled hospitality, are all the makings of a country anyone would love to call home. In recent years, Turkish Real Estate Market has seen tremendous growth with a large number of foreign investors flocking towards Turkey, be it for business or to start a new life. The Turkish government has shown a welcoming gesture to the foreigners by offering incentives whereby foreigners can obtain the residential permit or the Turkish Citizenship by Investment in the Turkish Real Estate Market.
If you are a visionary businessman with the aspiration to have a successful business venture, Turkey is your heaven. The opportunities of business are plentiful and the culture is welcoming enough for anyone to make themselves at home fairly quickly. With that said, it would be a wise decision to settle in Turkey, start a promising entrepreneurial venture and enjoy a peaceful and blissful life.

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