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One of The Top Turkish Real-Estate Destinations

Anyone who knows about Turkey knows about the two top provinces in the country that are Istanbul and Antalya. Both areas are revered among world travelers as the best tourist destinations in the world. Although, Istanbul is more popular due to being a commercial and an educational hub. This implies that it is also the top real-estate investment destination in the country as well. 

However, Antalya’s real-estate market has also been drawing a lot of attention lately due to various reasons. One of the reasons is that Antalya is the 10th most popular tourist destination in the world as per the rankings by Mastercard. Therefore, a large number of people with accumulated wealth have their eye on Antalya in particular as the next big Turkish Real-Estate Investment destination. Here are a few reasons why people from all around the world should consider Antalya as one of the best places to settle in Turkey:

  • Being among the top tourist destinations, Antalya rich with places of rich history and picturesque beauty. Among the top tourist attractions are:
    • Antalya City – A beautiful city where you can explore the archaeological sites and also enjoy the wonderful scenery of the Turkish riviera.
    • Kalkan – A beautiful beach town filled with historic locations and scenic avenues.
    • Alanya – The home to historic avenues of medieval and the most beautiful beaches.
  • Anyone who has ever visited Antalya has raved about the city’s atmosphere, the hospitable nature of people, the richness of culture, scenic locations and the social/recreational activity spots around the city. All of the said factors make the Antalya region an ideal place to live.
  • Since Antalya is still gaining prominence on the map as a top Turkish Real Estate Market, it is filled with numerous options in terms of the variety of properties that people can buy. This implies that Antalya’s real-estate market caters to all audiences ranging from wealthy business tycoons to people with a normal financial profile.

The prospects of the Turkish real estate market seem to be quite promising for the customers, with Antalya’s real-estate market emerging as a force to be reckoned with. The government of Turkey has graciously decided to form a policy whereby if a foreign real-estate buyer decides to make an investment of more than $45,000 they can get a residential permit from the Turkish government. Also, if a foreign buyer decides to invest more than $250,000 in the Turkish Real Estate, they are granted Turkish Citizenship from the government. With such encouraging facts about Antalya and the Turkish Real-estate Market overall, now is as good a time as any to invest and enjoy a privileged life.

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