As per the new law, every immigrant can get a residence permit for 1 year until you sell your property.

Please read our services page for this information, but the short answer is YES you can.

Yes – all the properties we deal in Turkey are “freehold”.

Yes, your company can own a property in Turkey if your country has a mutual agreement with Turkey. Settle In Turkey can assist you easily at this complex process. We have previously experienced this circumstance for many times.

Yes, we are aware that your organization money is not your personal money. If you want to invest in Turkish property in a professional manner, Settle In Turkey can assist you to establish a Turkish business. So you can invest your business’s money in Turkey.

If you are buying a property on a newly developing site, the price will be set by the builder. With no regards of the agent commission, you should still pay the same amount with whoever you buy through, whether it’s a direct purchase or through a third party.

Yes, jeweler, leather dealers and waiters are some of the most popular property sellers at touristic areas of Turkey.

Dealing property through an established company like Settle In Turkey have many benefits. First you will get to see an array of properties that match your criteria and not just one particular developer. Second you will have the advantage of our experience, as well as a fully operated office to upkeep you back home.

Before 2012, Turkey has a mutual contract for the acquisition of land and property with many states. This means that the individuals of these nations that permit Turks to purchase land in their countries, can in return, buy property in Turkey. Immigrants may buy in their name if the land is outside military zones. However in May 2012, a new law was implemented which states inhabitants of more than 129 countries can buy property in Turkey.

The title deed is termed ‘TAPU’ and all land transactions for the foreigners is done only through the Land and Registry offices of the applicable district where the land is located.