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Health and Wellness Tourism in Turkey

Turkish Tourism industry has taken off in recent years with a huge number of travel enthusiasts, real estate buyers and people from the business community from around the globe flocking to the country each year. Turkey has a lot to offer to the visitors in terms of beautiful scenery and rich culture. As for the entrepreneurs, Turkey serves as a fruitful destination owing to a strong economy and a vibrant business market. There are numerous avenues that can serve as a reason for a person to Settle in Turkey or at least consider moving, but one of the most instrumental components of Turkish Tourism that doesn’t get mentioned enough, is the health and wellness tourism.

Turkey has lately been regarded among the top healthcare and wellness tourism destinations because of the medical prowess and other recreational treatment avenues as well. People from various nationalities travel to Turkey in order to take benefit from the expert services of the health and cosmetics experts from Turkey. Following are some of the key strengths of Turkish Healthcare tourism industry:

  • Low Cost:

We can all agree that cosmetic and dental procedures are tremendously expensive in all parts of the world. However in the case of Turkey, according to the Turkish Travel Agency Association, Turkey has all the latest tools and techniques as its European counterparts but offer services for almost 50% of what it costs in the European countries. The government has also set out on a mission to have their medical tourism industry be recognized all across the world for being Market Competitive in terms of cost. Also, Turkish Airlines also offer special discounts to those who are travelling to Turkey for healthcare or treatment purpose.

  • Proximity Factor:

Turkey, by virtue of being one of the central locations of a larger continent, has the advantage of hosting a myriad of travelers from Europe, Middle East and even from America. The proximity factor added with the travel convenience are some of the key why most people turn their attention to Turkey for reasonably priced and effective healthcare procedures.

  • Thermal Spring Water:

Turkey is gifted with the free flowing thermal spring water supply in various portions. The water has healing properties that can cure a person or enhances the skin of those who drink it or bathe themselves in it. The thermal water is mild warm and is available all year long, which implies that the travelers are not confined to a particular season to benefit from it.

  • Recreation & Hospitality:

One of the core strengths of the Turkish people is to ensure the wellness of people through their hospitality. The tourists can have all the facilities and amenities that they need, and then some, including transport facility, top-notch accommodation as well as recreational activities. Getting such amenities along with the cost efficient and professional degree healthcare makes for an excellent deal.

Various forms of Turkish tourism amenities have pulled in a huge number of expats to invest in Turkish Real Estate and acquire work-permits, residential permits or even Turkish Citizenship through investment. Given such facilities, now is the best time to invest and settle in Turkey to start a new and healthy lifestyle.

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