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Residential Compounds. The Rising Star of the Turkish Real Estate Market

To begin with, investment in any kind of Turkish Real Estate option would be a smart decision given the opportunity to obtain Residential Permit or Turkish Citizenship by Investment. However, its not to say that those are the only benefits of investing in the Turkish Real Estate Market, since the entire country is now filled with thousands of real-estate investment destinations geographically as well as in terms of design. Plus, the rich culture, plentiful recreational avenues, strong economy and the unparalleled Turkish hospitality, makes Turkey one of the most ideal locations for the international buyers to invest in.

However, if we were to talk about Istanbul in specific, we must bare in mind that it is a densely populated area and highly famous among expatriates, which implies that it is likely to be a costly option if you’re looking to invest money in a villa or a larger property. With that said, if you’re looking for a residential property that is complete with all the luxuries and amenities and a reasonable price, residential compounds are an idea option that could offer excellent value of money. Following are some of the benefits of living settling in the residential compound:

  • Contemporary Design – Being a novel idea, the residential compounds are made with a vision to make the best use of a limited space. The residences feature a contemporary design and a spacious interior that not only looks good, but offers maximum utility and convenience to the dwellers
  • Safety & Security – All the residencies are built like a community and the entire community is monitored and safeguarded by a competent security system and guards. All the components of the community including sports complex, swimming pools, gyms, parks etc, are well maintained and guarded by the dedicated maintenance committees and security officials.
  • State-Of-The-Art Structure – The entire process of construction is highly complex, meticulous and advanced so as for the buildings to bare with the time-influenced ware & tear as well as natural disasters such as earthquakes. The buildings are made with the intent of maintaining both form and function of the top degree.
  • Large Variety to Choose From – Although there is no shortage of choices in houses, it still bares mentioning that there is an even larger variety of properties to choose from within a community setting. This comes with added safety and security, convenience, amenities and luxuries of a high-end community setting. You can choose a studio apartments and apartments with one room, four rooms, five rooms, as well as villas or duplex apartments with gardens.
  • Prime Location – Compound residences, being the contemporary idea conceived to fit the bustling city life, are usually located in the heart of the big city itself. The prime location of the residential complexes serves as a tremendous convenience to the investors as it not only enhances the access to the big city utilities and amenities, but also ads to the value of the property.

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