Now is the time to make some profitable real estate investments. Don't miss the opportunity of buying a property in Turkey and get citizenship!

Stay Vigilant About Regular Project Tours

We welcome you with open arms to benefit from our Turkish hospitality. We offer a range of commute options for your easiness. Including regular tours of our developing projects and transport to and from your preferred airport or hotel.

Let Us Guarantee Your Residential Permits

We love the idea of having you as our neighbor. Benefit from our team of professionals and comfort the pressure of acquiring a Turkish residential permit. Just sit and relax and let us handle the paperwork and discussions for you and get the process done quickly.

Subcontract Your Utility Management

We are dedicated to better service standards for your property, and we will keep a check on your bills and other utilities. We keep an eye on your bills and take a follow up with the utility operators for natural gas, water, electricity, TV and more.

Take Benefit Of After Sales Service

We stay dedicated to you long after your acquisition. Every property needs maintenance, take benefit from our after-sales assistance, which includes servicing all concerns related to your property.

Get Best ROI On Your Property Resale

Do you want to resell your property? Leave directing the real estate market to us. We are aware of the local buyers and the most effective marketing strategies to confirm you high returns.

Secure Your Title Deed Easily And Quickly

Professionals cover you we guarantee your peace of mind. We will handle every little detail from your deed application to ensure everything is being done correctly and keep you in the loop at every step.

Let Us Take Care Of Legalities

The legal process doesn’t need to be a hassle. Leave the law and lawyers to us; we will advise you on representation and paperwork and assist you with everything else you need to close the deal on your property.

Get Advice On Investment Prospects

Depend on our financial specialists for valuable insights, information and effective investment strategy that’s our custom tailored to your objectives.

Register Your Company In A Week

Our professionals are ready to help all through the legal requirements and registration process needed to start a business in Turkey. Thankfully, the founding process is quick and simple so we can get you up and running in a week.

Visa processing

Settle in Turkey will give you best solutions to invest in real estate turkey and handle all the tiresome processes of getting the Turkish citizenship for you. The organization is responsible for all the paperwork of processing visa to those who are interested in purchasing property in Turkey.