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Top 5 Real-Estate Investment Destinations In Turkey

It is impossible to decide where to begin in terms of stating the benefits of investing in Turkish Real Estate. The mesmerizing landscape, the beautiful culture, the rich history and hospitality, these are just a few of the factors that make investing in the Turkish real estate an absolute no-brainer. In the beginning, the investment avenues within the Turkish real estate market were few and far between, with Istanbul region being the top dog, which it still is. But now, with a sudden large inflow of investment in the real estate market over the past couple of years, the real estate market itself now expanding at a rapid space and into other unexplored areas with a tremendously high potential of being highly desirable Turkish real estate investment destinations. With that said, here are the current top 5 real-estate investment destination in Turkey:

  • Start off at number 5 we have the Yalova City. Located on the cost of Marmara sea, the city is filled with picturesque sights and a ton of potential to become a serious contender in the Turkish real estate market. As of right now, it is still in the rejuvenation phase, which implies that now is the most opportune time for the real estate investors to gain an early mover’s advantage and occupy the best spot in the region at a reasonable cost. The city also promises a true leisurely Turkish lifestyle since it is situated at an hour’s drive distance from Istanbul.
  • Moving on to the 4th spot, we have the Bursa City. Describing the Bursa region is like describing a wonderland out of the books. Situated at the foothills of the might Mount Uludag and near the Marmara sea, Bursa city is the very definition of ‘heaven on earth’ owing to the beautiful landscape and a perfect climate. Bursa becomes the favorite spot during the winter season with a large number of skiing enthusiasts flocking to the area every year. Based off of the fact that Bursa is also one of the up and coming places in the Turkish real estate market, the investors can enjoy an early mover’s advantage by purchasing a property at a reasonable rate here as well.
  • At number 3 we have the Alanya City. Situated on the central Mediterranean sea coast, Alanya is the ultimate destination for beach lovers. Filled with high-end sea-side resorts Alanya city hosts thousands upon thousands of beach enthusiasts from around the country and the world every year. Most of these visitors have also taken enough interest in the area to actually invest in the real estate market their, owing to which, the city’s real estate market has seen an economic boom in recent days. If you are a beach enthusiast who fancies the life of leisure, Alanya region is the place to be.
  • Coming in at the 2nd spot we have the Antalya City. Consistently boasting the highest numbers in house sales, Antalya has perhaps one of the most successful real estate markets in the world. Surprisingly, Antalya is also one of the most economical real estate investment avenues owing to the large availability of city centers and coastal resorts. Being the second most popular tourist destination as well, Antalya also pulls in to a large number of real estate investors who are looking to acquire vacant possessions to rent them out to the tourists. Therefore, the said region also presents a viable investment opportunity for the foreign buyers as well.
  • Finally, at number 1 we still have the reigning champion of the Turkish Real Estate Market, that is, Istanbul City. Istanbul City is the most coveted and admired real estate investment destination of the entire country because it is quite literally the whole of Turkey wrapped into a city. The strong economy, plentiful business avenues, rich culture, beautiful landscapes and a vibrant social life, all add up to making the Istanbul City the most revered spots for locals as well as foreigners to invest.

The entire country promises a wonderful life, complete with all the necessities and amenities. The hospitality of the Turks can be validated by the government incentives such as the residential permits and Turkish Citizenship by Investment in the real estate market. With the said opportunities waiting for the investors, now is the best time to invest and settle in Turkey.

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