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Turkish Citizenship for Pakistani Nationals

Turkey has been on a roll lately in terms of hosting thousands upon thousands of Tourists each year for the last 5 years or so. And rightfully so, since the country has so much to offer in terms of history, beauty and culture. Amidst their travels, the tourists and/or the businessmen, quite understandably, develop great liking for the country owing to the wonderful culture, sceneries and the stable economy, so much so that they actually start shopping for property in Turkey. Numerous people all around the world with enough money, are now looking at the prospects of starting a life in Turkey owing to the aforementioned factors. Plus the government is actually encouraging the expatriates to obtain a residential permit or Turkish Citizenship by Investment in the Turkish Real Estate market.

A significant degree of interest has also been expressed by the Pakistani nationals with enough purchasing power to invest and settle in Turkey. The process is quite straightforward and similar to what the other nationals have to go through. Also, with the government laying down a particular set of monitoring rules, there is no room for error or any sort of shady business in the buying process. There are many ways to acquire a Turkish citizenship for Pakistanis but obtaining Citizenship by Investment is perhaps the simplest, most favorable mode of obtaining the right to call oneself a Turkist National. Following are the benefits of applying for the Turkish Citizenship by Investment. 

  • The Process

The process of applying for the Turkish Citizenship by Investment is kept tremendously simple for maximum investors to gain the privileges of life in Turkey. Turkish Citizenship can be had by investing upto or more than $250,000 in Turkish Real Estate over the period of 3 years. The passport can be received within 60 days. Also, the entire process can be done remotely before prior to the grant of citizenship to the investor. There is also no need to disclose the foreign assets or income, eliminating one of the most tedious processes for the investor’s ease.

  • The Privileges

There’s a myriad of benefits and privileges once you have obtained the Turkish Citizenship by investment:

  • The citizens shall have the privilege of being able to travel to 121 countries all around the world without the compulsion of having a visa.
  • The investors can have their families settle in Turkey with them as and when they acquire citizenship by investment.
  • The investors can enjoy the premium lifestyle with facilities such as free medical care, convenient education & institute reimbursement schedules and pension plans.
  • Turkey is known to be tremendously hospitable to foreigners, whether they are here on account of recreation, work or to settle. The country is home to more than 700,000 expatriates and 60,000 international firms. This also implies that finding a job is tremendously easy for the expatriates.
  • Turkish government doesn’t place restrictions on the foreign settlers to have only one citizenship. If you’re a person coming from another welcome, you’re more than welcome to keep both citizenships.
  • Applying for citizenship can still be a complicated procedure for some of the investors. To facilitate such investors, the Fuzul Construction Law Office offers all kinds of basic and technical services.

  • Turkish real estate is just starting to climb in value with a massive inflow of foreign investors. However, properties in some areas can still be had for a fairly reasonable amount with all the luxuries and amenities of a high-end society. Plus, the chances of increased return on investment seem bright owing to the climbing value which serves to be a favorable element from a business perspective.

  • Turkish government also offers the Freehold Title Deed to the investors, which implies that, by virtue of your ownership rights on the property, you can easily sell, rent or even inherit the property from the family members. Although it is important to know that the property can be sold only after 3 years of ownership.
  • There’s a wide variety of real investment estate options you can choose from, including villas, apartments, offices and even stores.
  • Settling in Turkey also offers you close proximity with England and other european countries.
  • The citizenship that you acquire shall remain valid for life and can be transferred to the citizen’s offspring.
  • Turkey is a country rich with scenic recreational avenues and would hence make a perfect home to those who wish to satisfy their wanderlust in a delightful fashion.

For a person coming from any corner of the world including Pakistani’s, Turkey has a lot to offer in terms of both, a solid ROI and a blissful lifestyle. Given the aforementioned facilities and amenities along with the encouragement from the Turkish government, now is the optimal opportunity for the Pakistani’s to acquire Turkish Citizenship by Investment.

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