Settle in turkey announces a good news for the smart investors, since September 2018, Turkey is running one of the most economical and easy citizenship investment schemes in the world. A minimal investment of 250,000 USD on freehold property in Turkey can now get you citizenship after three years.

Turkey’s Property For Citizenship Incentive

Since 2016 Turkey started to run an investment scheme for citizenship, but back then the purchase value was quite high – an amount of $1 million spend on property. In order to bring the Turkish Lira back in check following the summer’s currency struggle, this figure was intensely reduced to $250,000. This by far is the most manageable amount and the benefits don’t stop there, Turkish citizenship can be gained by a minor investment of US $250,000 in real estate or a $500,000 deposit into the state investment program or state bank for more than three years.

Settle In Turkey Citizenship For Investment Plan

Settle In Turkey has a vast experience in helping investors understand how secure the real estate investment in Turkey can be for them. Since the new regulations were made our offices in Turkey were flooded with enquiries.

To help make the investment process easy to understand we have made a five step process to walk through the clients and inform them about the enquiry and search of land to receiving citizenship in three year. If you are considering to take advantage of the new laws, please take our free property consultation and let us help you in this process.

5 Step Land For Citizenship Plan

Step 1 – Invest US $250,000 on Turkish property, you can purchase land or a villa or an apartment worth that amount or more. Settle In Turkey can help you in finding the right type of property for yourself. A US $250,000 use is essential to join the citizenship program. This can be spent on one or more Turkish properties. All purchases must have their Title Deeds (TAPU) in place usually restraining your choices to apartments or villas that are previously built or nearing completion.

Step 2 – Hire a lawyer to oversee the citizenship process. A lawyer will take care of your best interest and make sure everything is running smoothly in your application process. Settle In Turkey can suggest you a number of multilingual lawyers that can carry out all the required paperwork.

Step 3 – Legal checks are carried out for the properties. As the part of the application process a government inspector checks the property purchased, the inspector will look at the price paid and amount mentioned on the Title Deed. Settle In Turkey will check all the required things and make arrangements.

Step 4 – A charge is held on the property for three years. The citizenship application states that property purchased can’t be sold for at least three years. Once application is accepted, an official charge is placed on the property forbidding it to be sold for the 36 months. This can be removed once the period is reached and citizenship granted.

Step 5 – Nationality is granted. After the 3 years wait, citizenship is approved to the financier, spouse and children under the age of 18. All custodies on the property are raised and the land or house can be sold on if needed.

If you want to learn more about the citizenship scheme in Turkey, give us a call for free consultation, feel free to contact Settle In Turkey.