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Where To Go in Istanbul if You wish to Buy a Villa

Istanbul is perhaps one of the most prolific international hubs of the world owing to a strong business market, stable economy and a large number of tourist attractions. People on numerous accounts and from various parts of the world are starting to flock to Turkey (Istanbul to be more specific) to invest or to start a new life complete with all the necessities as well as amenities. And if the stunning landscape and the rich hospitable culture is not reason enough for the people to turn their attention to Turkey, the government has offered to provide the residential permit or the Turkish Citizenship by Investment to those who wish to invest in the Turkish Real Estate Market.

One of the best attributes of the Turkish Real-Estate Market, is that there is something for everyone. From studio apartments to opulent villas, there’s a ton of options to choose from, all of which promise the finest structure, design and luxuries. Though, it bears mentioning that since Istanbul is a crowded city, and the larger property can be few and far between. However, if its a villa you want, then following are some of the places where you can get the most amazing villas in all of Istanbul:

  • Villas should be at a place that can offer its dwellers complete peace as well as a sense of community. With that in mind, Sariyer is perhaps one of the best locations to invest in and buy a villa. Sitting close to the beautiful Bosphorus sea, Sariyer offers a beautiful view with a peaceful ambience. Also, Sariyer region is perhaps one of the most practical investment destinations in the Istanbul region since it is the safest region as far as earthquakes are concerned, and offer the luxury that is known to be among the best in class for a relatively reasonable price.
  • On the second spot, we must enlist Beylikduzu. Sitting on the coast of the most beautiful Marmara beach and surrounded with all the necessities and amenities that allow you to enjoy feel the big city life to the utmost, Beylikduzu villas are although the most expensive, but they’re also the most opulent out of all the options. Marmara beach is one of the most densely populated tourist attractions in the entire Istanbul city, Beylikduzu villas have garnered a significant amount of attention among the foreign real estate investors. And for those who wish to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Marmara sea every day as well as enjoy all the luxuries and amenities of a big city, Beylikduzu is the best option in the Turkish real estate market.
  • If you’re a person struck with insatiable wanderlust, the most ideal investment option for you would be villas in Uskudar. Situated in one of the oldest cities of Istanbul, these villas have all the tourist attraction within a few miles. The area is full of tourists for a majority of the year, hence its popularity among those who wish to invest in the Turkish Real Estate Market.

Being one of the relatively fresh projects, Basaksehir is perhaps the most contemporary in terms of infrastructure. Having the public transport facility within the area and being close to the new airport, Basaksehir has certain utilitarian aspects along with the finest of luxuries and amenities that make the particular area stand out, and for those who are frequently planning travels on account of work or even recreation, Basaksehir seems to be an ideal spot.

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