Turkey is not only a beautiful country but also a potential location for real estate investment. That’s the reason, Turkey as a nation attracts foreigners to buy property there.

The real estate industry in Turkey has advanced promptly and many foreigners have played a significant part in its growth. But why is the Turkish property market attracting immigrants and what profitable lures are on offer?

Diverse Portfolio

The demand of Turkish property in the last ten years have increased incredibly, you can opt to buy apartments, villas or studios. When it comes to investment in Turkey the sky is the limit. From urban living to beachfront views or remote hideaways, you will always find what you are looking for.

Amazing Value Per Square Meter

Property prices in Antalya begin from 30,000 USD and this gives a mass potential to appealing long term investment. Investing in Turkey not only means acquiring property in another country but also you can get citizenship of Turkey.

A Simple Buying Process

The Turkish government has updated the procedure and made it simpler for the foreigners to buy property in turkey than before. From selecting your property to ratification for the title deeds, the procedure can be finished in as less than a week.

Structured Payment Terms

Settle in Turkey has made it easier and more feasible to buy property in Turkey. You can knock into structured payment plans ranging from 6 to 60 months. In simple words you can pay for the property in an installment plan of five years but can move in and sign in the title deeds before.

High Investment Profile

Turkey has turned into the fast growing economy thanks to its real estate industry. Many foreign investors prefer to make huge investments in Turkey. As Turkey offers great investment incentives, with new buildings and houses in the real estate marketing Turkey has created some amazing investment opportunities.

Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment

Since 2018 Turkey changed its laws and any person making an investment of USD $250,000 in Turkish property can obtain citizenship. This by far the most manageable amount and the benefits don’t stop there. Turkish nationality Law department has made it very easy to get Turkish residency by investing a minimal amount of about US $30,000.

Some More Reasons Why Turkey Is A Good Place To Settle in

  • It’s a Muslim state offering westernized and democratic lifestyle.
  • Peaceful and safe environment for family.
  • High GDP per capita, fair tax system and easy to set up business.
  • An ideal location to settle between Europe, Middle East and Asia.
  • Excellent food and health facilities are available.
  • Superb educational facilities.
  • Opportunity to move and live in Istanbul, one of the most beautiful and developed towns in the world.
  • Due to latest devaluation in Turkish Lira, it is the perfect time to invest in Turkish real estate market
  • Turkey is one of the strongest and largest economies in the world.
  • G20 and NATO member
  • Easy to get citizenship by investing in Turkish property.